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 well i dont know if this works but im still testing

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PostSubject: well i dont know if this works but im still testing   Sat Dec 05, 2009 8:49 pm

well this is a version of GB deck i have made .... its like a high speed and a chance to get the right cards much faster

dont know in anyone here has tried something like this but well here is my deck list

and like to hear some advice

1) GB Laquari
2) GB Laquari
3) GB Darius
4) GB Darius
5) GB Equeste
6) GB Equeste
7) GB Bestiari
Cool GB Hoplomus
9) GB Secutor
10) GB Samnite
11) GB Samnite
12) GB Murmilo
13) GB Murmilo
14) Test Tiger
15) Test Tiger
16) Rescue Cat
17) Sangan
18) Card Trooper
19) Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
20) Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

1) Heavy Storm
2) Lightning Vortex
3) Book of Moon
4) Book of Moon
5) Brain Control
6) Pot of Avarice
7) Charge of the Light Brigade
Cool Gladiator Proving Ground
9) Indomitable Gladiator Beast
10) Gladiator Beast's Respite

11) Call of the Haunted
12) Waboku
13) Waboku
14) Solemn Judgment
15) GB War Chariot
16) GB War Chariot
17) GB War Chariot
18) Torrential Tribute
19) Bottomless Trap Hole
20) Bottomless Trap Hole

i don't run prisma or x saber airbellum because they are much to slow for now day meta Sad

this version gets war chariot like in first or secont turn... and its really easy to get bestiary or laquari in grave for forther fusion and control Smile

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well i dont know if this works but im still testing
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