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 My Crappy List

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PostSubject: My Crappy List   Mon Jan 29, 2007 3:59 pm

My Want`s
Stamps (H) will trade common staples for
Good Commons (H)
Zaborg (H)
Jinzo (L)
Thestalos (super only) (M)
Mobius (super only) (M)
cyber dragon (H)
enemy controler (M)
Money (M)
Staples (M)

Video Game Wants

DDR Extreme 2 (PS2)
Naruto Ultimate Ninja(PS2)
Kingdom Hearts Chain Of Memorys (GBA)

these arent all my cards i just dont really plan on trading.

My Have`s

rare metalmorph

Gearfried The Iron Knight
Exodia the forbbiden one
Hero Spirit
Dark Sage
seal of the ancients
Cyber dragon x2 (will only trade if i get CRV cyber dragons are involved)
Jinzo (damaged)(will only trade if a mint one is involved)

Judgment Of Anubis
Ocean Dragon Lord - Neo Daedalus X2
Horn Of Heaven
Blast Held By A Tribute
Pandora art dark magician (japanese)
card of safe return
kaiser sea horse
diffusion wave motion
dark magician
dark eradicater warlock
blue eyes white dragon
yu-jo friendship
judgement of the pharaoh
Ring of destruction
magic cylinder


cybernetic magician
B.E.S crystal core
D-Hero double dude
twin headed thunder dragon
soul exchage
flute of summoning dragon
trap jammer
card destruction
freed the brave wanderer
Cyber blader
Parasite Paracide
amazoness archers
D-Hero Dogma x2
shadow spell
orca mega fortress of darkness
Dark magician
sasuke samurai
Mirror Force (will only trade if an ultra one is involved)
Lightning vortex
pot of averice (will only trade if an ultimate one is involved)
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My Crappy List
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