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 Unusual Exodia deck

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John Danker

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PostSubject: Unusual Exodia deck   Fri Aug 31, 2007 9:02 am

Well, most of you know me and my deck building habits, I enjoy making decks out of cards that don't see a lot of play almost as much as Zach does.

I was watching another one of the judges at GenCon play a Zombie deck with some unusual cards and it got my creative juices flowing again.

I've always wanted to build an Exodia / Normal Monster / Heart of the Underdog deck, I wanted a twist though. The thought pattern with this deck is to use Enchanting Fitting Room and The League of Uniform Nomenclature to thin the deck while at the same time putting multiple monsters on the field for blockers.

This deck should be pretty fast, it's only theory though at this point. Biggest problem I can see special summoning pcs. of Exodia to the field by card effect and then having one of them removed with D. D. Warrior Lady or some other such effect.

Common Charity is a reall big temptation in this deck, I just can't find room to fit them in. Perhaps after testing I'll be using more of my side deck as main deck material, time will tell.
Perhaps someone can help me refine the idea a bit?

Monsters: 25
3x Charcol Inapachi SOD
3x Giant Soldier of Stone
3x Oppressed People MFC
3x D.D. Trainer DCR
3x Acrobat Monkey DCR
1x Right Arm of Exodia
1x Right Leg of Exodia
1x Left Arm of Exodia
1x Right Leg of Exodia
1x Exodia The Forbidden One
1x Sangan
3x Emissary of the Afterlife
1x Snipe Hunter

Spell Cards: 10
2x Enchanting Fitting Room
2x Dark Factory of Mass Production
3x Heart of the Underdog
1x Messenger of Peace
1x Level Limit Area B
1x Premature Burial

Trap Cards: 6
1x Gravity Bind
1x Torrential Tribute
1x Mirror Force
2x The League of Uniform Nomenclature
1x Call of the Haunted

Side Deck: 15
2x Miracle Dig
2x Next to Lost
1x Pot of Avarice
2x Order to Charge
2x Double Snare
3x Common Charity
1x Messenger of Peace
2x Dark Dust Spirit
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Unusual Exodia deck
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