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 water deck for sep ban list

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PostSubject: water deck for sep ban list   Wed Aug 29, 2007 4:53 pm

Magician of Faith
Nightmare Penguin X 3
Hydrogeddon X 3
Mother Grizzly X 2
Cure Mermaid X 3
Aqua Spirit X 2
Warrior Of Atlantis X 2
Breaker The Magical Warrior
Mobius The Frost Monarch X 2

A Legendary Ocean X 3
Nobleman Of Crossout X 2
Premature Burial
Smashing Ground
Mystical Space Typhoon
Heavy Storm
Swords Of Revealing Light
Brain Control
Pot Of Avarice
Book Of Moon

Solemn Judgment X 3
Torrential Tribute
Mirror Force
Call Of The Haunted
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water deck for sep ban list
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