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 Advanced Ritual Art - Macro Cosmos

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Shawn W

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PostSubject: Advanced Ritual Art - Macro Cosmos   Fri Mar 02, 2007 4:37 pm

If my Macro Cosmos is activated on the field, would the Advanced Ritual Art fail
because there are no monsters being sent to the graveyard?

Advanced Ritual Art
"Select 1 Ritual Monster in your hand. Send Normal Monsters from your Deck to
the Graveyard whose total Levels are equal to that Ritual Monster's.
Ritual Summon a card with the name of the selected Ritual Monster from your hand."

Thanks, Mark Mendonca



Sending the Normal Monster Cards to the Graveyard is not a cost, it is part of the effect. You can still activate "Advanced Ritual Art".

The Normal Monster Cards, in this situation, will simply be removed from play when sent to the Graveyard. The Ritual Monster will still be Ritual Summoned.

Curtis Schultz
Official UDE Rules Dude
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Advanced Ritual Art - Macro Cosmos
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