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 Niklassys MU S6E3 free to play

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PostSubject: Niklassys MU S6E3 free to play   Fri Jun 22, 2012 6:33 am

Welcome to Niklassys MU.

The main feature of this server is that its 100% f2p, no cash shops for real money and no donations.

The server is hosted on a dedicated 100/100 Mbit connection with dedicated hardware.

The server became live on 2012-06-19.

This is a long term server without whipes and with active gms.

Non pvp server will be added incase its needed.

Lets talk about the server settings.

Exp: 150x
Drops: 50%
Max reset 10x
Box of kundun 1,2 and 3 is sold in shop, rest has to be hunted for.
Vote for webshop credits.
Grand reset with 1500 webshop credits after 10 resets.


* Crywolf
* Chaos castle
* Happy hour
* Sky event
* Heart of love
* Ribbon event
* Medal event
* Summer event

More events to come including castle siege and custom GM events.

Hot spots:

* Lorencia
* Elbeland
* Devias 2,3
* Lost tower 1,7
* Kanturu 1,2 and 3
* Aida 2
* Raklion
* Arena
* Tarkan 1
* Icarus

Adding more spots on player requests when possible.

This server is all about fun and f2p

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Niklassys MU S6E3 free to play
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