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 Card Donations

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John Danker

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PostSubject: Card Donations   Thu Apr 08, 2010 9:07 am

For those of you who don't know about this program which we're running through Tempest Games let me explain...

During every Sat. touranment at Tempest Games Shawn and I are taking donations of unwanted cards. We then sort them into Spell / Trap / Monsters in alphabetical order and log them into an Excel file.

The purpose of taking these donations is two fold.....

First we plan on makng "House Decks" out of them which will be available at Tempest Games for anyone to check out and play. Keep in mind that these decks likely won't be typical meta decks as most players are keeping those cards to make their touranment decks. The vast majority of the decks will be of the type most of you have probably never or seldom played such as Morphtronics, Clowns, Ojama, Beasts, Deck Out, and whatever unusual themes we can make a resonable deck with considering the donations. Certainly if we have the right donations we can build more competitive decks, however, we encourage all to experiment with unuusal decks to learn more about the game, have more FUN, and try something new. The ideal scenario would be two "House Decks" against each other.

The second purpose of the card donations program is to provide players with a quick and cheap means of obtaining a missing card or two for a deck they're making. The prices for the cards are quite reasonable (a common card for 25 cents, rare for 50 cents, etc.) and since the cards are all presorted we'll be able to retrieve your desired copies quickly. Once the Excel file is done we'll try to find a place to post it for all to view. The collected money will be used to buy deck boxes and sleeves for the House Decks.

We're only keeping a dozen copies of most cards other than high utility cards, copies beyound that will be packaged and sent to men and women serving in the U.S. military services for their enjoyment.

We appreciate the donations thus far and encourage everyone to clean out their clutter and donate what they know they either have more than they'll ever use or don't want. We've got some pretty talented deck builders helping us out, let us put your unwanted cards to good use!
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Card Donations
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